Article Processing Charges(APC)

Article Processing & Maintenance Charges

This Journal Don't claim any kind of pre or post publication fee.

International Journal of Research, Pedagogy and Technology in Education & Movement Science (IJEMs) is being run by The University Academics, UT of J&K, India, dedicated to encourage research in the field of Pedagogy, Education, Movement Science and a Multidiciplinary Approach. 

Following the open-access model of publication, The University Academics (  Publication does not impose any charge to the reader. All the published contents are freely available for reading and citation, all the time. Also, we do not receive any grant or financial support from any organization.

Due to costs towards article processing, maintenance of paper in secured data storage system, databases and other financial constraints, some amount is required which is beared  Jointly by the Publisher and the Editorial Board members. Therefore to promote original research and to motivate Researchers, authors are not required to pay any pre or post publication amount of anykind. To encourage Original Research or publishable work THE UNIVERSITY ACADEMICS may not take any charges from the author of any kind at any level of publication. 

   No Article-processing charges or Any other Kind are required for Publications  in this Journal