Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refund Policy

IJEMS or the University Academics Charges no fee of any kind for Processing or  Publication of Submitted manuscripts.  No cliam of any fee or charge even will not be entertained by the author if an error on our part has resulted in a failure to publish an article. As no Charges is applicable,No refund will be entertained to:

  • Article retracted due to some conflict.
  • Failure of submission of requisite corrections.
  • Failure of requisite information or ethical clarification of the article.
  • Withdrawal of article from the publication, from authors’ end.

The corresponding author must inform about the withdrawal ( Cancellation ) of the article before the acceptance from the IJEMS and the withdrawal ( Cancellation ) should be before 14 days from sending the article. If the corresponding author fails to withdraw (Cancellation) the article before 14 days, he/she needs to pay a minim charge for withdrawal ( Cancellation ). If the paper has been accepted, then the Corresponding author needs to pay NO charges before or after publication. Membership of The University Academics is Required.

In case, when the article has been published and there is a breach in the research or the conduct of the Author, the IJEMS has all rights to retract the article.